Gary Glitter, Paper Lace, T. Rx with Marc Bolan, Status Quo, The Kinks, Sylvia

Brighouse & Rastrick Band, Procol Harum, Barry Blue,  Edison Ligthouse,

Seite 1

  1.) Hello, Hello I`m  Back Again

2.)  The Night Chicago Died

3.)  Flowers In The Rain

4.)  Pictures Of Matchstick Men

5.)  A Well Respected Man

6.)  For Once In My Life

  7.) Green Tambourine

8.)  Lola

9.)  The Floral Dance


Seite 2

  1.) Billy Don`t Be A Hero

2.)  A Whiter Shade Of Pate

3.)  Y Viva Espana

4.)  Ride A White wan

5.)  Dancin`On A Saturday Night

6.)  Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

  7.) The Black Eyed Boys

8.)  Love Grows

9.)  Technicolour Dreams

10.)  I Love You Love Me Love