SUPER 20 Starlights

Boney M, John Paul Young, Clout, La Bionda, Marc Seaberg, Robert Palmer,

Dee D. Jackson, Luv, The Teens, Armanda Lear, Bernie Paul, Karen Young, Eruption,

Plastic Bertrand, The Motors, Uriah Heep, Cat Stevens, Don Williams

Seite 1

  1.) Rasputin

2.)  Lost In Your Love

3.)  Substitute

4.)  Baby Make Love

5.)  Looking For Freedom

6.)  Bst Of The Worlds

  7.) Meteor Man

8.)  You`re The Greatest Lover

9.)  Middle Of The Night

10.)  We`ll Have A Party Tonite`Nite


Seite 2

  1.) The Sphinx

2.)  Lucky

3.)  Hot Shot

4.)  Leave A Light

5.)  Dancing On The Street

6.)  Cèst Le Rock`n`Roll

  7.) Airport

8.)  Come Back To Me

9.)  Father And Son

10.)  Tulsa Time